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Polymers are recognised for their versatile mechanical and physical properties and therefore can be used in a wide variety of applications such as in everyday household products, building and automotive materials, and electronic components. With increasing economic and environmental pressures it is important for businesses to have access to a wide range of commodities to ensure that both processors and end users have a wide choice of quality materials for their cost. Therefore, at Dragon Polymers we are proud to hold one of the industry’s most comprehensive polymer product portfolios including many specialties.


With environmental concerns growing, we are pleased to deal in both prime and recycled polymer compounds. Our prime compounds are produced from prime polymers and fillers which suit applications that require a high level of technical performance and aesthetic. If the cost is the main priority then we supply a diverse collection of quality recycled compounds that are produced from post consumer and post industrial plastics.

Our team of highly experienced specialists are committed to providing exceptional service by giving commercial advice and technical support at every stage of a transaction. We are capable of processing and packaging according to our clients’ exacting requirements and delivering materials in both small and large quantities.